The Kiflo API allows you to have control over your integration and create the best experiences.


The API follows the REST standard using JSON to format requests and responses.

Decimals are formatted using invariant culture, ie: using "." (dot) as a decimal sperator and no thousands separator.

Dates are formatted using ISO standards, in UTC format, including the timezone. Ex: 2015-03-25T12:00:00Z


The API is secured using an API token.

Generate API Access Token

  1. Open your account settings page: https://app.kiflo.com/account

  2. Go to the "API Access Token" section

  3. Click "Add" button

  4. Choose a new that will be used to identify the token and click "Add"

  5. Copy the generate token

For security reason, the generated API Access Token won't be visible after you close the settings page. Be sure to copy the generated token otherwise you won't be able to get it later.

Authenticate on the API

To authenticate on the API, send the generated token in the Authorization header using the Bearer scheme:

Authorization: Bearer #YOUR_GENERATE_TOKEN_HERE#