Program sign up form

Get more leads by allowing your partners to sign up to your program from your website

Build your program sign up form

Before starting to build your sign up form, you need to connect your website to Kiflo

On your custom partner program page, describe your program, how much you will reward your partners...

To start, here is a simple sign up form :

<!—- Example Signup form -—>
<input id='firstname' type='text'> <!-- Required -->
<input id='lastname' type='text'> <!-- Required -->
<input id='email' type='text'> <!-- Required -->
<input id='companyName' type='text'> <!-- Optional -->
<input id='submit' type='button' onclick='signup()'>
function signup() {
// Get data from form
var firstname = document.getElementById('firstname').value;
var lastname = document.getElementById('lastname').value;
var email = document.getElementById('email').value;
var companyName= document.getElementById('companyName').value;
var groupId = 1; //The groupId can be in the group details page
// Notify Kiflo from a new SignUp
rjs.createPartner(groupId, firstname, lastname, email, companyName, () => {
console.log('Partner successfully signed up');

Find the group identifier

The group ID can be found in the group details page :