Contact - New

Webhook triggered each time a new contact is created.


Here is an example of the request used to subscribe to new contact events.

eventSource: "ContactNew",
targetUrl: ""

Response Payload

Here is an example of the payload you'll receive:

id: 2048, // The unique identifier of the message
source: "ContactNew", // The source event
retry: 0, // The total retry count for this message
payload: {
id: 42,
externalContactId: "YOUR_EXTERNAL_ID"
firstName: "Jeff",
lastName: "Bezos",
email: "",
companyName: "Amazon",
phoneNumber: "000 111 222 333",
webSite: "",
note: "Very interesting lead",
partnerId: 10,
creationDate: "2019-01-12T17:45:12.021Z",
leadSource: "Partner",
leadStatus: "Qualified",
contactType: "Lead"